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Ocala Security Cameras Installation

Ocala Security Cameras Installation

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Security Camera

Installation Security Camera Systems for Commercial or Residential. We work with the best manufacturers and are competitively priced in providing complete projects with equipment.


Installation, Maintenance of Routers, Switch, Firewalls and Access Control for Small, Medium or Large Corporate Networks.


Installation of Structured Cabling with CAT5, CAT6 or Optical Fiber. Our networks are Certified and mapped with the project delivered with identification of points and certification report.

Commercial and Residential

Wireless System

Designer, Project and Installation of all Wireless Solutions for your Business or Residential. We work with big brands and we have a lot of experience for a fast, safe and high quality implementation.

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The John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 (NDAA) is an act implemented by the US government which prohibits the selling, buying, and using of a large range of video surveillance, and telecommunications equipment manufactured by specific vendors in any type of federal building or federal contracted projects.

OTC Security Cameras is dedicated to upholding and complying with all government exchange regulations set by the United State of America.

To vehemently abide by government regulations, and show our dedication to our customers, OTC Security Cameras is excited to announce our newest video surveillance NDAA compliant product lines. Boasting a large variation of products, OTC Security Cameras provides a large variation of video surveillance cameras to solve any need. From your everyday SMB Retail and commercial applications to your AI intelligent video surveillance applications for larger, government/enterprise projects; OTC Security Cameras has the solution for any application.


One of the main security features for companies, condominiums and homes is the security camera system, also known as CCTV. There are thousands of models available on the market, the sale and installation of security cameras is done in a popular way, but to carry out an adequate design of this system it is essential to hire a specialized company.

Only a company experienced in the sale and installation of security cameras can develop a project that considers:

  • The client’s location, observing the appropriate points for the positioning of each camera.
  • The lighting, structure and conditions of each location for better images resolution.
  • Equipment options and models available on the market that meet the customer’s needs.
  • Development of a cabling system and control point.
  • Need for recording and images transmission.
  • Complete installation and training on the security system.

That is why, when looking for the sale and installation of security cameras, one must observe the company’s experience to carry out such a project. The client’s portfolio already served is a reference, but also analyzing the company’s service and its qualification in the business is a good indicator.

One of the main companies for the sale and installation of security cameras is OTC Ocala Security Camera Installation, a reference in technological structure for companies and customers from all over Central Florida.


OTC OCALA Security Camera installation focuses on providing modern and updated technology solutions. For this reason, the company maintains contact with the main equipment brands, maintaining a wide portfolio of solutions, which are offered in the sale and installation of security cameras.

The equipment brand available for sale and installation of security cameras are: Uniview, Axis, Hikvision, Avigilon, Pelco and LTS. References in durable equipment and with high quality of resolution and images transmission, OTC Ocala Security Camera can develop a security system based on these technologies.

For those looking for a reliable company to sell and install security cameras, OTC OCALA Security Camera is certainly one of the best options.

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